Hallo and welcome to Cucinarcantando!

    In our newly opened restaurant and take away, it is all about great tasting natural kitchen that feels like home.

    We prepare soups and sauces for your pasta, risotto, lots of raw and cooked vegetables, homemade breads with natural yeast and young flours but also meat or fish dishes and sweet breads or schiacciate served with cold cuts and cheese. Everything is homemade on the premises with fresh and seasonal ingredients. We choose our products from local, often organic, producers.

    It is also a place for vegetarians, raw foodists and vegans and for those who can't eat gluten and are affected by coeliac disease. We use all sorts of beans, chickpeas, lentils and lots of vegetables to prepare special gluten-free meals and we have fresh smoothies or fruit and vegetable juiceson our menu.

    On saturdays and sundays we serve an amazing english breakfast... You can come and choose what you like from our selection and take it home or eat it here. A complete lunch or dinner menu is available on demand, and we also offer cooking classes!

    Come and see us soon!

    quote"Singing as you cook” is the secret of the best dishes, although it’s not always true that you only cook good food when you are happy. What we mean is that it is important to work at a pace, and follow a rhythm, which puts you in touch with whatever it is you are preparing. It is a kind of prayer of thanks. Our energy passes through us, and is transmitted to the ingredients, whether they be meat or vegetable, successfully turning them into things which are good to eat, delighting the palate and giving vigour to the body, and thus to the spirit, turning a humble tomato, or an anchovy, into our blood, and into our thoughts. (Grazia & Bruno, from their book)


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